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Dora Nemes yoga teacher, yoga classes in Paphos
Dora Nemes
Hatha & Yin Yoga Teacher
Ayurvedic Women Yoga Therapist
Sound Healer
doTERRA Wellness Advocate
Welcome Dear Visitor :)

I am Dora Nemes, a Hungarian Yoga Teacher\ Therapist, Sound Healer and doTERRA Wellness Advocate. I help mainly women take control of their health, beauty and well -being by sharing the ancient wisdom of yogic practices and pure essential oils as Natural Solutions, so they can experience new levels of Wholeness, because life can be beautiful and natural.

As a mother, a woman, and a bohemian soul I live a free spirited life - in the beautiful island of Cyprus -  living my passions.
In 2016 I have been blessed by becoming a Hatha Yoga Teacher ( RYT200) under the guidance of an indian master, Dr. Indu Arora, who is an internationally renowned yogini and ayurvedic yoga therapist ( Yogsadhna - yoga as therapy - www. ). In 2019 I continued my studies as a Yin Yoga Teacher (RYT YIN50) with Yogi Ram          (Arhanta Yoga Ashram). Yin Yoga naturally guided me to my next hungarian masters, Anna Mezosi & Kornoffer Tunde ( Himalayan Yoga Tradition) and under their loving guidance  I became an Ayurvedic Woman Yoga Therapist (MJT200) in 2024.

I am also an artist, painting beautiful ` yoga related ` Art on canvas, stones and walls , as true expressions of my Heart and Blessings.

Since 2016 I`ve been teaching yoga regularly -  offering hatha & yin yoga classes, aromatherapy, sound bath meditation, yoga workshops and retreats, and private yoga therapy for improving people well -being, helping them to heal, to blossom :)
I went to my first yoga class in 2007. Why did I do so? most of Us just wanted to feel better in my skin.
Though I was healthy, fit and liked my job - working as an environmental engineer in a well-known company - still did not feel complete in any areas of my life. So if someone knows how is to be emotionally imbalanced, that`s ME.
Probably You know the feeling;  the never-ending UPs and DOWNs;  `` I love my life, I love to live`` and `` Just leave me alone, I wanna disappear from this world.``
Surely I was open for the change.
So I said OK. Yoga? Why not?
And this ``why not`` entirely changed my life.
Imaaagine... You feel light, You feel every muscle in your body - even the ones You did not know they exist at all  - your lungs become bigger, your mind clearer and You just can not stop smiling. That`s how I felt after my first yoga class. There was only one thing I was certain about that I wanna go back and have this experience again and again...
5 years passed with trying different traditions and eventually ended up being a regular student in Himalayan Hatha yoga classes, where my teacher truly touched my Heart. The Love, the Peace, the Confidence and the Grace,  which were shining through Her, just changed my life, inspiring me to become a True Yogini… Someone who is living Yoga, instead of just doing or teaching It.
By practicing more and more I started to learn how to follow the Song of my Heart, hearing and acting upon my Intuitions. As a result my whole life started to change. My body, my eating habits, my whole way of thinking were transformed very positively... just healthier and happier day by day with a strong feeling in my heart; that I would like to share this Miracle with Others.

So in 2015 - 2016 - as I mentioned earlier - I did  my first Yoga Teacher Training (RYT200) under the guidance of an indian master, Dr. Indu Arora at YOG SADHANA (Yoga as therapy). One year passed.....searching my own voice :) ......and a new love ;
AromatTherapy entered my life in 2017, when I became a doTERRA Aroma Touch Therapist & Wellness Advocate. My love was bigger and bigger as I experienced more and more from the amazing benefits of using Essential Oils. So I decided to deepen my knowledge, studying more about the essential oils  and  I became a certified doTERRA Essential Oil Expert.

Combining my two passions; YOGA & ESSENTIAL OILS opens a new dimension. Adding the natural, harmonizing earth element and the powerful healing energy of each plant into our yoga practice helps us to recognize the beautiful Peace that surrounds and supports us in each moment if we will take the time to ``smell the roses``.

Sometimes I look back and say `` OMG What a Journey`` and still there is sooo much to Learn, to Share, to Experience & Grow. I feel so thankful and grateful for all the amazing people      ( teachers, students, friends & family)  who are helping, supporting and guiding me in my journey.


I believe in the Freedom of the Mind, Body and Soul.
When the mind is free; our life flows and everything we need, just comes towards us.
For me a slow motion of Hatha & Yin Yoga helps to become still and present, not only on the mat, but in my everyday life as well.
Yoga and Art  teach us how to open ourselves to the Love inside; to Unite, to Heal, to Blossom.
The first Step in this beautiful Journey towards our Heart is Acceptance. Through this we start to make peace with our Inner World and with the Outer in the same time.
These qualities create the perfect soil for Love to flourish. As soon as we experience more and more of this  all-embracing feeling towards All There Is, we become open to receive the same from everywhere.
Our natural sense of Worth and Confidence - The Faith in Our Own Self - start to flower and its fragrance attracts all our dreams into reality.
Finding our life passion is essential for All of Us to live our dreams. I am living mine not only as a Yoga Teacher, but as an AromaTherapist & Artist as well, by helping people to fully blossom while connecting them with the song of their heart.
Ride in Ease and Joy, flowing with Life in Complete Surrender, unfolding from Heart like a beautiful Lotus…
…The Higher taste of Life - Yoga.

Love & Light
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