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Autumn Equinox

During the Fall or Autumn Equinox the Sun crosses the celestial equator and we experience equal time of day and night. At this sacred time, there is an incredible balance created, and all over the planet, day and night, light and dark are equal. Masculine and feminine energies are balanced.

We are at a gateway to a new season, a new cycle- in the circle of life .

Welcome all the energy of Autumn into your life.

As the Sun sets earlier and the wind and rain blow the leaves from the trees, we are reminded that it is time to let go of dead things.

Autumn is a time of transformation and reflection. Take time to reflect on your life and where you are going in it. Step into your Authentic Self and have a clear vision of the changes that you need to make so that you may continue to grow in your highest good. Enjoy the cooler weather and all the changing colors that are unfolding throughout Nature. This is the season of warmth and gentleness a reflection of your inner Self With grace let go of anything that is not serving you positively and make way for many new blessings.


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