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The EARTH without ART is just an ` EH '. 

Painting is a kind of meditation for me. Meditation in action, experiencing full presence, one -pointed mind, inner peace, contentment, timelessness and a deep connection to my True Self.

I paint Spiritual Art -  inspired by my Yoga Journey; by my inner evolution -  on canvas, stones and walls , as true expressions of my Heart and Blessings.

One night I got the inspiration to open an ART PRINT SHOP so my art, my messages, my energy can reach - heal - uplift - help far more people and here we are :) 

I INVITE YOU TO TAKE A COLOURFUL TRIP IN MY ART PRINT SHOP where you will find my  downloadable & printable art works,

I hope you will find something which resonates with your heart :)

* If you are interested in the original acrylic canvas art, please DM me x

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