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Essential Oils for Winter/ Christmas Time

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Winter is here, the HolyDays are here :)

Let me share with you my favourite oils for the winter. They are Siberian Fir, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Wild Orange, Frankincense, OnGuard and Breath.

I use OnGuard and Breath as an absolute Jolly Joker for boosting my immune system, purifying the air at my home and maintaining - rebalancing my health. My son, Sammy, is 4 years old and never in his life has had a pill but he knows the oils one by one ( by the colour of the roll -on bottles). Amazing :)

We apply OnGuard on our feet and along the spine every evening before going to bed. We apply Breath on the chest, back and under the nose in case of cough, runny nose, cold. And I regularly diffuse these two blends to purifying the air.

If it`s winter, it means hot chocolate and mulled wine :) Yammiiiii :)

I love to add a drop of Cinnamon and Wild Orange to my hot chocolate and mulled wine ( and I also add Clove to the mulled wine) on a cosy winter evening. It`s just divine :)

Though I am not a baking master yet, you can add them to your Gingerbread as well :)

essential oils for winter

Diffusing essential oils is just OMazing :)

I have created 4 beautiful DIFFUSER BLENDS for the HOLYDAYS to have a real Winter Christmas Feeling with the beautiful aroma of Pine Tree - Siberian Fir, Cinnamon, Orange, Frankincense etc., even here in the sunny and warm Cyprus these blends always put me in Christmas Mood :)

doTERRA essential oils for winter

Enjoy my Christmas Diffuser Blends and feel free to give me a feedback which one is your favourite ;)

essential oil blends for winter

essential oils for winter

If you would like to know more about the essential oils and how to incorporate them into your everyday life just stay updated with my posts, workshops and online seminars or feel free to contact me ;)

Wishing you aromatically blissful HolyDays :)

Love & Light


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