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Grateful November with Essential Oils

Hi there :)

Today morning I realised, that it`s November! I wanted to sit on my terrace to have some breakfast and first time in this year I felt that it was a bit chilly. Okay, you Cyprus you don`t really get that cosy autumn - winter feeling... but yes....the Autumn is definitely here :) The early mornings and evenings are cold and it`s getting dark really in this time of the year I drink more tea, read more, contemplate more and I spend more time at home and in my bed too hahahh :) Actually it feels good after those super hot and busy summer months.

November is the month of Gratefulness,Thankfulness and Gratitude. Reflect on what you are grateful for. Say thank you for everything what happened and is happening in your life. See the gift in your obstacles.

`` If you have only one breath left, use it to say thank you.`` - Pam Brown

Be grateful for Life!

November.....sweet November.....I just love the colours and lights of it.....everything is changing with the season....the nature, the days and nights, our environment, our body, our mood and we need to take care and nurture ourselves in a different way!

doTERRA Lemon Essential Oil, Aromatherapy, Wellness

There are many doTERRA Essential Oils for a Grateful Heart :)

LEMON - inspires joyful involvement in the present moment

WILD ORANGE - is a reminder of abundance

SANDALWOOD - inspires you to assess where your heart is and challenges you to reorder priorities to be in alignment with the Universe

LIME, DOUGLAS FIR & ARBORVITAE - help to feel Grateful for Life

HOPE BLEND - reassures that broken things can mend, heart can heal and lives can be restored.

Of course we have to take care ourselves not only on an emotional level but on a physical level too. In spite of its beauty, November is cold, rainy and damp. The body needs support to adjust and to be healthy, strong and ready for the winter.

There are many Immunostimulant doTERRA Essential Oils. Generally the spicy, warm essential oils are boosting your immune system and keep your body warm during the autumn - winter time.

Such oils are:


What I love to do is:

- to put a drop of Lemon essential oil into my green tea.

- to put a drop of Cinnamon and Wild Orange into my hot chocolate.

- to put a drop of Frankincence under my tonque

- to put a drop of OnGuard, Oregano and TeaTree in a veggie capsule and swallow when I feel that the flu is coming.

- and I absolutely love to diffuse the OnGuard blend, as it keeps the air germ free and it has a beautiful aroma as well :)

As you see there are sooo many ways essential oils can assist in our health and wellbeing.

Mother Nature provides us everything! You just need to reach out and say Thank You :)

Happy Sweet, Thankful & Grateful November to You All :)

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