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Why Choose Yoga?

Sunset Beach Yoga, Paphos, Cyprus Yoga
Our Sunset Beach Yoga, 2020 Summer

I have been practising yoga for 15 years. And I can tell you that I feel healthier, younger, stronger and more balanced emotionally and mentally day by day. I always say that Yoga is a Treasure , it changed my life, but why is that? THE BODY is the foundation of all that we do. It should be strong, healthy and pure, free of toxins, with a good immune function, healthy appetite and good capacity for exercise. THE SENSES are the instruments through which we contact the external world. They should be sharp and clear, sensitive and free of unnatural urges and addictions. THE MIND is the basis of our consciousness. It should be calm, at peace and receptive, free of emotional turbulence and harmful opinions. Behind both Body and Mind we have a SOUL or inner consciousness, a feeling of unity with all, that is not bound by time or space and connects us with the entire universe. That must be part of all that we do, the source of our motivation, for anything to have real or lasting forever.

YOGA shows the right exercise for the physical body, the right breathing for the pranic body, the right impressions for the mind, harmonious emotions for the heart and the right thoughts for our higher intelligence. I would love to read about your experiences with yoga. What does yoga means to you?

Namaste x Dora

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