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Our Vision

  1. CONNECTING WITH YOUR HEART through Yoga and Art


By practising in our Hatha - Yin Yoga classes You will find yourself in a cosy Island of Peace.

Through learning to create stillness; You can connect with Your Core( with the Song of Your Heart). By this You become capable of managing your everydays from a much higher level, which gives the natural result of blossoming in every area of Your Life; such as relationships, family, carrier, health etc.


The first Step in the beautiful Journey towards the True Self is acceptance. Through this we start to make peace with our inner world, and with the outer in the same time.
These qualities create the perfect soil for Love to flourish. As soon as we experience more and more of this real all-embracing feeling towards ourselves, we become open to be able to receive the same from others too.
Our natural sense of Worth and Confidence - The Faith in Our Own Self - start to flower and its fragrance attracts all your dreams into reality.

Ride in Ease and Joy, unfolding like a beautiful Lotus...just naturally ready for real connections.



We create this bonding through:


  • Yoga Events, Workshops & Retreats

  • Moon Meditations

  • Art events & Exhibitions

  • Dinners

  • Pancake parties


Our Primary focus is to create meaningful bonds, which support and encourage Us in everything, just like a Real Family. An Always Loving, Cosy and Uplifting atmosphere, where body, mind and soul can get recharged.




  • Nature Walks ‘n Pic-nic

  • Litter Collecting Projects

  • Nature-Love Educational Projects

  • Yoga on the most spectacular spots of Cyprus

  • Eco-festivals


As soon as we start to taste the higher meaning of our Being, we just voluntarily want to give back and create more related to something Bigger than us.
As a Family we are expressing and directing this Inspired Energy towards helping Mother Nature in many ways.
By spending more time together in the Greens, we are not only connecting with ourselves and with each other more, but we join back to the natural cycle of Life as well, which is rooted in real cooperation, respect, peace and love towards All There Is.


Love & Light

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